William Zabka: William Zabka Net Worth, Wife, Age, Movies, Kids, Body and Family

William Zabka
William Zabka

William Zabka is a 54-year-old American actor who is best known for his role in the old karate kid. The film rose to massive fame as it turned out to be an amazing blockbuster. William Zabka plays a prominent role in the Netflix series Kobra Kai. He has been an excellent and phenomenal actor up till now with back to back amazing performances. He played the role of Johnny Lawrence in the karate kid and since then has become our absolute favourite. He is also a director and writer and has many awards as well.

He’s an amazing actor and a producer. He was born in New York city to business oriented parents. Karate kid the first was released in 1984 and that was Zabka’s first movie. It was this movie after he rose to so much fame. He had no karate training at the time but was known to be a good and accomplished wrestler. Since then he has acted in many movies and has struggled to become a good and successful writer as well. Kobra kai is a karate series which is actually a tribute to his first ever movie the Karate Kid.

William Zabka Net Worth

For such big actors and stars, the net worth keeps on changing. However, the net worth of William Zabka is a whopping 3 million dollars. That is like a lot of money and more than many other famous stars and celebrities. Zabka is not only an actor but also a writer and director. This increases his net worth too. In 2021 it was around 3 million but since it keeps on changing we can not say as to what exactly the net worth is.

It would definitely be around 5 million dollars at the moment. Zabka earned 100,000 dollars from one episode of Kobra kai alone and that is just amazing. Kobra kai is a blockbuster that has literally one hearts. If we had to compare, it is far better than the karate kid even. The amount of money he earned from one episode is far more than what directors make out of 3 episodes. Zabka is considered to be a rich man with a huge net worth.

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William Zabka Wife

William Zabka married Stacie Zabka in 2008. Stacie is an American Latin and came into spotlight after marrying the famous actor, writer and entertainer. It can be seen that she does not belong to the film industry and rather was just an ordinary woman. William and Stacie’s wedding was quite a private one and not many people were informed about it.

The wedding took place but even the media found it late. Stacie Zabka has a net worth of 100 thousand dollars which is amazing. She is originally from California and only 5 years younger than her husband. Before marrying Zabka she was a successful business woman and rose to fame because of William Zabka.

She now has two beautiful children and is considered to be a housewife. Both Zabka and Stacie share an amazing bond and have been married for so many years. We have so far come across no scandal or controversy. Both of them are happily married with a beautiful house and two children. William Zabka is 53 years old while Stacie is 48 years old. The couple is beautiful and charming living peacefully in their mansion.

William Zabka Age

William Zabka is a famous actor and entertainer who rose to fame because of his movie the Karate kid. His role got utterly famous and today even after decades the movie is said to be a blockbuster. Zabka was born in New York and is currently 53 years old.

We do not know much about his married life except for that he married Stacie Zabka in 2008 and has two children from her. He attained his education from California and currently resides there. His wedding was private and so is his life.

We do not know much about his whereabouts and what he does in free time because he likes to keep that private. The 53-year-old actor has managed to gain ample success and fame because of his dire and amazing work such as Kobra kai which made him earn 100,000 dollars from just one episode.

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William Zabka Movies

William Zabka has worked in many movies but he has always focused on directing and writing. His first ever movie was the karate kid that made him utterly famous. Since then he has been more into directing. He directed Kobra Kai which is another of his blockbusters.

William Zabka Karate Kid

Karate kid was William Zabka’s first ever movie. It was released in 1984. His character Johnny Lawrence received so much appreciation and applause. Even though he was not a karate master at that time, his wrestling expertise did the work for him.

William Zabka Hot Tub Time Machine

Hot tub time machine was released in 2010. The movie is directed by William Zabka and has a good overall rating. The cast is promising and the storyline is good as well. It made a whopping 65 million on the box office and we think it’s pretty great. The genre of the movie is science fiction and just like back to the future, this movie too had some really impressive impact on the audience.

William Zabka Body

William Zabka is a fairly good looking American with a very sturdy body. He is an accomplished wrestler and that is another thing he is known for. When he was taken for karate kid, he had no idea about Karate but his art in wrestling helped him make the movie a success.

William Zabka Family

William Zabka married Stacie Zabka in 2008. The wedding was private and nobody knows complete details. She is a Latin American and originally is from California. They have two beautiful children together.

William Zabka Height

William Zabka is 1.8 metres tall that is around 6 feet and an inch.

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