Video Slot Games vs. Classic Slot Machines

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Best Online Slot

Over the long course of gambling history there have been countless innovations, from the recently discovered rudimentary ancient playing card tablets found in China, to the invention of the roulette wheel, all the way through to Charles D. Fey’s slot machine invention. Indeed, without innovation, the gambling industry would have quickly fallen, as the best way to keep people excited about gambling is to make the games better and better – play now at SlotsUK.

One of the most obvious places in which gambling innovation has been rewarded is with slot machines, a type of gambling game that has only been around since the very late 19th century, but has already become the leading casino gambling game in the world. There have been countless advances in the field of slots, and this has resulted in the question tension between video slot games and classic slot machines. Which one is best? Keep reading to find out.  

History of slots

The history of slots is an interesting one, mainly because it actually relies quite a lot on engineering, which is strange for a casino game, as most others, poker and blackjack for instance, don’t really need any kind of engineering for them to work. The first genuine slot machine was made by Charles D. Fey back in the 1890s, and from them their popularity spread quite rapidly.

By the mid 20th century slot machine halls were common to find in Las Vegas, and there were several million slot gambling enthusiasts in the US alone. In the 1980s developers first managed to create video slot games, and this further propelled the industry forwards. And then we get to the 21st century, where online slots have made the slots industry the No. 1 casino gambling market in the world.

Classic slot machine basics

Right then, what do we mean by a classic slot machine? Well, a classic slot machine is generally one that has a nostalgic and vintage look, or its one that really is classic and vintage. When most people think about classic slot machines they will picture a mechanical set of reels, and this is where the distinction between video slots and classic slot machines tend to come from.

Another thing is that a truly classic slot machine will almost always be land-based. The best kind of example is probably the Las Vegas Megabucks machines, hugely famous progressive jackpot slots that have a classic aesthetic.

Video slot game basics

Video slot games are made possible by something called an RNG (Random Number Generator), and they work using a set of digital reels on a screen, rather than the mechanical reels we described with classic slot machines.

Video slot games truly changed the game upon their arrival, and they also paved the way for the online slots we all know and love today.

Who wins between classic slot machine and video slot games?

Right then, onto the golden question – who wins between classic slot machines and video slot games? Well, for most people it is bound to be the video slot games, simply because they have more bonus feature potential, and are more widely available.

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