Making a Game in trusting with Strip Poker

strip poker
strip poker

First of all, you may want to know about the type of people who play strip poker. According to polls, the game is most popular with men ages 18-30. Although, unsurprisingly, there are some women who also play strip poker! Students with more liberal attitudes are the people most likely to find themselves playing naked poker; in fact, in almost every university and college in the western world there will surely be a student poker game on the weekend.

Older adults also play strip poker, although it is generally played in smaller groups of four to six friends, married couples often play the game for fun in the privacy of their own home.

Origins of Strip Poker.

There is very little information on the history of poker. It gained worldwide notoriety in the mid-1900s and during the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s, it gained an increasing number of followers, especially among students and those under 30 years of age. An exact date for the invention of strip is unknown, rumors suggest that a more liberal female poker players would remove their clothing if they lost all their money and drunk men would literally lose their shirt from the back. Some suggest that strip poker was one of the first games of poker, played before money was involved, although this is generally not taken seriously.

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Why do people play Strip Poker?

There are two main reasons poker strip fans play this game.

1, It is played with friends infrequently, no one is completely naked, and it is considered a lot of fun, maybe it is played after an evening in which alcohol has been involved.

2, is played more regularly with sexual intentions. Swinger parties have been known to host games as an “icebreaker” for the night before moving on to more explicit times past. The game here is certainly not in the forefront of players’ minds.

In each setting, the emphasis is of a lighthearted nature, whether it is the beginning of an evening or the end, those who are willing to participate do so for the fun of it.

Rules of Strip Poker

The basic rules of any strip poker game involve the losers taking off their clothes while the winners watch their friends naked or semi-naked. It’s generally not about money and the game is always played in the spirit of fun, although it’s not for the prudes!

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There are several ways in which a game of strip can be organized, the most popular of which involves:

  • A minimum of four players.
  • A standard deck of cards (52 cards).

A simple game of poker like 5 card stud or Texas Hold Em is a great game of poker strip. After the hand is finished, the loser must remove an article of clothing. When a person is completely naked, he must re-dress and the game can begin again. It goes without saying that the worst players will be the ones who strip most of the time, so guys, invite girlfriends who have little to no knowledge of and girls, study about before accepting an invitation.

poker strip , as long as it is played in private with consenting adults, is generally a legal pastime throughout the world; however, if you are unsure, you should check local laws before hosting a game.

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