Personalized Toker Poker Review

Toker Poker
Toker Poker

Before we begin, here is an amazing and genuine investigative sonnet for you: Have you ever gone out to play when you had to do something because the spice you were smoking obstructed the opening you had made? stokin?

To be genuine, in case you are smoking you most likely have to hit … and pack and set fire. Toker Poker does all of that and that’s just the beginning.

The Toker Poker is a lighter case with an underlying retractable poker, plus a metal change in the corner of the base that is great for stacking bowls or taking them out. The poker and alter are made of hardened steel.

The Toker Poker can also hold up to five feet of hemp wick in case you lean toward your fire at the signature tip.

Here’s another tip: poker works like a dabber without rehearsing. There’s no question that I load it up with a Bic and it’s a poker, a dabber, an alter, a hemp wick, and a lighter, all folded into an overly compact device.

Get Toker Poker in the dark, or check out the other accessible nuances like cherry pie dipped candy, glow in the dark, gold, and tons more. Plus tokey dokey pokey, you can get them all on Amazon!

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Created by smokers out of a legitimate need not to have a poker when needed, Toker Poker made this complete smoking device incorporating a lighter sleeve, poker, hemp wick, and alter. Including an ergonomic plan, the Toker Poker fits comfortably in your lighter, allowing you to easily access your number one smoking ornaments. At last, your poker, hemp wick, alter, and lighter are in a similar place.

Smoking Tool Features:

  • Fits comfortably in any standard lighter
  • Ergonomic cigarette lighter cover
  • Hardened Steel Sabotage
  • Stainless Steel Poker Overlay
  • Safely holds 5 feet of hemp wick
  • Full Length: 3.25 inches
  • Shading: blue
  • Lighter not included
  • Made in USA

The Toker Poker lighter sleeve is the lightest complete instrument. Fits huge BIC lighters. Includes a hardened steel poker layer to clear your lines like a treated steel change to pack your plates. You can wrap 5-10 feet of hemp wick around the Toker Poker lighter sleeve for simple and clean consumption. This item makes your lighter one of a kind so no more mistakes or losing your lighter.

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If you want a lighter for yourself, you can add your name on the lighter. Or if you want that lighter to be a commemorative item, you can engrave your milestone or the special event plus the date of the event. If you bought the lighter after your first paycheck, you can record that event and the date to always remember your achievement.

The good thing about l toker poker s is that you can customize them in many ways and in any way you want to customize them. Apart from the thousands of designs you can choose from, you can make your lighter unique. You can have your own design engraved or printed on the lighter. The ideas seem so endless that you can have the lighter of your dreams.

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