Live casino – why more and more people are playing it?


In the world of gambling and casinos, innovation is rare. This is why you see players playing the same games – slot machines, poker, blackjack, roulette and similar ones for decades. The only thing that changed recently is the fact that casinos transitioned from physical presence to online spaces. But there’s a new innovation which gathers more and more attention from all types of players – live casino. We looked at and tried to understand what is it and why more and more people are playing casino games live?

Casino online is getting more popular, in general

Especially after the pandemic, more and more people got involved in just spending their free time online. Thanks to a lot of targeted ads and promotions, casinos got more popular, in general. In some countries, they attracted so many new players, that restrictions were imposed in terms of advertising.

So, with an influx of new players, there are also new tendencies to account for and new avenues to explore. Live casino is one of the options which casinos can use to excite old, returning players and quickly involve newcomers.

Live casino bridges the gap between real-life and online

The most common drawback that people saw in casino games online was the fact that it’s not as engaging as the real thing. You have a very digitized and a very mechanical environment for playing, so to speak. Live casino involves you playing in real-time with a real human dealer playing for the house. Imagine sitting at a real casino table, just virtually. You have real human interaction, there’s limited time to place bets and everything is happening more organically.

So, players praise the fact that they get to play in the comfort of their own home but feel almost as exclusive, as sitting at a high-roller table in a world-class casino.

So many games to choose from

Live casino games are very different and offer great variety. Don’t want poker? Choose blackjack. Not too keen on card games? Opt for the roulette and so on. Whichever mood you may be feeling, there are games that can suit it and bring joy to new and experienced players alike.

How to get better at live casino games – some tips

Pretty much every player who dabbles in or is fairly active in live casino knows and wants to become a better player. Although each game is different and has its own specifics, we can give you a few pointers which can lead to you getting at least slightly better results in live casino card games.

First – learn the rules with all the nuances. You can do that by navigating to websites like and reading about the games.

Secondly, only play with sums that you aren’t afraid to lose. Be careful with how you bet and don’t over bet too often. Don’t go all-in right away unless it’s just for a laugh.

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