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Online Slot
Online Slot

Online slots are currently the most played casino game at all the top online casinos at CasinoMentor. Unlike table games, players are allowed to play free demos before playing with real money, besides, famous slots also regularly receive special offers with free spins and free chips.

The basic rules of this game have not changed since 1899 when Charles Fay built the first slot machine or when it was optimized into an fruity slots machine. They all work on the mechanics of luck and user spins.

With symbols in a wide variety of themes and shapes, players bet and spin, and the payout usually depends on the shape of the symbols formed after each spin corresponding to the specified payout forms from the online casino. The higher the multiplier symbol, the rarer the chances of winning and the higher the winnings. The winnings for each winning combination are determined in the paytable.

Today, to ensure the randomness of the spins, reputable casinos have replaced and used a computer-generated random number dialer, but the principles remain the same. These random number generators are applied and guaranteed to be fair by licensed game providers.

How slots work

As explained somewhat in the prologue, the working principle of online slot machines still uses reels to represent the outcome of each spin. And these games are guaranteed by the providers to use random generators during use.

With modern online slots like starburst, Gonzo Quest, Big Bozana, they are more invested and have a wide range of expansion features such as having Expanding wilds, scatters, free spins, bonus rounds, and such. other. These features give players more chances to win compared to other classic slots.

Random Number Generator (RNG)

The RNG works like any other generator and its goal is to produce the fairest results after every slot spin. Here are some highlights that you need to know about this random number generator:

  • RNG generates a random number.
  • The game’s math module takes random numbers and calculates where the reels will stop.
  • The game stops the reels at specified positions and calculates the outcome of the spin.
  • The result of the spin is then shown to the player who started the spin.

Because of the use of RNG, so whether you win (or lose) in each round is entirely up to you to decide. Many people think that if they are in a cold streak, there is a big chance that they will enter a hot streak (lucky charm) if they continue. I think this is a pretty silly thing to believe in these online slots. Read more below to find out why.

How do casinos make money?

So if you are a gambler then you can guess which online casinos make money as they cannot manipulate or manipulate the slot results.

The answer is simple: for every small bet, your winnings are calculated based on the RTP (return to player). You lose every $0,1 for every bet that you win against the slot machine. This is an important metric that helps you calculate how much money you actually get after each bet. These slots usually have a fixed RTP of 96%, which means you pay the provider 4% of all your bets at a particular casino.


Imagine a simple game: you bet $1 and after you win I give you both your bet and your winnings $1.9 or if you lose you still lose everything. Even if you are lucky you win the first few rounds, you will still pay the casino a small percentage of the whole bet, regardless of whether you lose or win. The randomness of this game is fair, but the long-term benefit are not really ensured.

RTP and volatility/variance

RTP and volatility are 2 important mathematical factors that determine how much money you can get at a game. They affect how and how often you win.

Return to Player

RTP (Return to Player, also payout ratio or payout ratio) is the long-term statistical ratio of the total winnings divided by the total bet. Usually online slots, this ratio is 96%. This is an acceptable level in any slot. However, there are also some cases where there are slots like Blood Suckers that have an RTP of up to 98%.

RTP is publicly available, making it possible for players to compare between different slots to choose a slot with a reasonable RTP rate and in your Online Slot . Then it’s easy to write articles like “Top 10 Best Paying Places”.


Variance is a parameter that helps you know the odds of winning or losing a slot. In table games, there is also variance depending on the number of bets you bet

When betting on a number on the roulette table, you can win 36 times your stake but you only win 1 out of 37 rounds.

So high volatility usually means less frequency but big wins, while low volatility will have more frequency of winning but less winning each time.

Things that are often misunderstood

Above, I explained how fair Online Slot really work and how the casinos make money. However, many people ignore the warnings of anti-gambling organizations and believe in the following things:

Myth 1: Believing in cold treks and hot streaks exist. This means that they assume that Slot Machines have winning combinations and cycles where you have consecutive losses. You can win by jumping between winning cycles.

This is a mistake and easily leaves you out of control of how much you can bet as slot machines actually work on reasonably random numbers. The outcome of the game is completely determined by the random number generator.

Myth 2: “You won’t win when there is someone who has won big and pays more when it’s full.”

I suppose this is a myth that comes from the days of stand-alone slot machines at casino venues. As for online casinos, this is not verified.

Myth 3: If you use the auto feature, your chances of winning are less.

This is a pretty common idea, but I want to emphasize it’s just your luck at the time you play auto or manually.

The math of the game remains the same and the random numbers are fair, whether you use autoplay, the ledger, or the spin button.


Online slots are an easy and attractive game. By understanding some definitions, you can be confident playing this type of casino game without any misunderstanding at the top online casinos.

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