Armani Code Dossier.co Review 2022

armani code dossier.co
armani code dossier.co


Since time immemorial, human beings have continuously sort to make fragrances that have pleasant scents and entice potential customers. Such a case is the inclusion of amber or vanilla in scents to increase the seductive sweetness of perfume. Others claim that lavender and jasmine make a scent appear gentle and warm. Over the years, Giorgio Armani Code Dossier.co Perfumes has created an aroma that is sweet and alluring, known as Armarni Code. The fragrance is made from sour black currant, with a blend of rose and vanilla added to make it more mellow. The perfume gives a pleasant sweet aroma similar to the one produced by peaches.

What are the properties of Armani code perfume?

The perfume has a reasonably strong sillage in the first few hours after application. It is not a powerful projector compared to other brands since it only serves well in the first few hours. After that, the code settles to a middle note where the strength has reduced.

The longevity of the new fragrance has reduced compared to the longevity of older bottle fragrances. Currently, the scent lasts for close to 6 hours, whereas in the older bottles, it used to last close to 8 hours. The perfume is versatile since it serves well in moderate to cold weather. This makes it suitable to wear on many occasions, from weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, dinners, functions, and night outs. The perfume is only affected by hot weather conditions where it’s not suitable for wearing. The scent performs well in chilly temperatures increasing its fragrance hence, lasting longer.

What are the notes?

Armani code dossier.co comprises top notes of bergamot, lavender, and grapefruits. This makes the perfume have a sweet scent compared to the original fragrance. The actual Armani code Eau de Parfum top note has lemon, lavender, and bergamot. These give it a citrus and vanilla accord. The middle note in the Armani code dossier.co has Guaiac wood, Neroli, and Tarragon ingredients.

On the other hand, the base notes are Cedarwood, Tonka bean, and Benzoin. It makes the Ambery Lavender, commonly known in the dossier.co, a subtle version compared to the original Armani Code perfume.

What is the scent of the Armani Code?

On wearing the original Armani Code fragrance, it gives a pleasurable experience to the user. A blend of rose and heliotrope mix aroma offers a fresh and delicious aroma, and a closely clean finish follows that is a bit musky and soapy. The scent is a little superior to that produced by the replica from the dossier.co. The Armani Code dossier.co begins with a smell of berries and fruit juiciness which transitions to a floral and woodsy fragrance. Both scents are appealing and sweet to the nose, making them loved by many people.

What is the price?

The fragrance from the dossier .co website is relatively cheap compared to the original version. On the website, it costs $29 to purchase a 50ml bottle of Armani Code’s inspired dossier.co, whereas the original version costs $61 on the Amazon website. The perfume is affordable, especially for consumers that want a feeling and scent similar to the original version. The fragrance packaging is also done in premium bottles maintaining the brand’s attractiveness. Shipping services are also done by the company to any destination globally, making it a reliable brand.


Dossier.co, a new player in the perfume market today, has achieved significant milestones in one and a half years. The impression left on people is in the numerous reviews of the perfume brand on the website. The reviews indicate that people love and embrace new and affordable fragrances. Armani Code, one of the perfumes on the website, shows expertise in creating a fragrance replicating the original brand while maintaining the luxury standard.

The long-lasting sweet scent, Sillage, bottle attractiveness, and reliability have made many people purchase the perfume. You can’t tell the difference between the fragrances from the original perfumes. Opinion-wise, you need to try this brand and give a review. Furthermore, the company’s return policy is an added advantage since you can return the purchased perfume if you feel the fragrance is not worth the hype. The company also offers 2ml samples to test and form an opinion on it.

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