What is crash gambling and how does it work?

crash gambling
crash gambling

It’s a genuinely simple game concept that involves increasing the multiplier and suddenly losing the bet in case the player can not press the “stop” button in time. Typically, the game takes the familiar form of an airplane or a regular line that flies upward. The multiplier also flies upward. So if you initially bet $10 on a game, the multiplier goes up from 1.01x to infinity but stops at a random time. Once it stops, your entire bet is burned. However, if you stop your bet by yourself, you get a reward commensurate with the value where you stopped. In other words, it is a kind of guessing game.

The advantages of Crash gambling over other classic casino games

The first and most obvious reason is the simplicity of the game. You don’t have to memorize any rules or the process of the game. You only have to press a couple of buttons:

  • Place bet
  • Withdraw bet

The other reasons are listed below:

  • Excellent returns
  • Huge chance to stay in the profit
  • A huge number of simple strategies
  • Large community
  • Suitable for Beginners
  • Present at most modern casinos

No wonder newcomers choose this type of gambling. Usually, after the first winnings, beginners go to try themselves in some more complex games, but some stay to earn on this.

Disadvantages of Crash gambling among other classic casino games

The disadvantages are not really a lot, and they all relate only to gameplay:

  • This type of game is not very interesting because of the monotonous and extremely simple gameplay
  • For the most part, it depends on chance
  • If you have unstable internet, this game is not for you

So most of the disadvantages concern only part of the gameplay and the complexity of the rules. No wonder why most players go to more complex and diverse games like poker or blackjack after their first wins. But there are some people who steadily make money from Crash Gambling alone.

Why this type of gambling has become popular

We can say that because of the simplicity of gameplay and all those advantages that were listed earlier. But there is another underlying reason. The development of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

It wouldn’t be strange to ask the counter question: why? How does it affect casinos? But the truth is, it affects casinos dramatically. The fact is that the laws of most countries strictly regulate any casino operation and regulate the flow of money from gambling. The tax authorities thoroughly look at such semi-legal activity.

What is the way out? Cryptocurrencies that are currently impossible or very costly to trace. It is because of the simplicity of crash gambling games that all crypto-casinos introduce this game to their assortment in the first place. Typically, these kinds of cryptocurrencies create their own cryptocurrencies for even more anonymity. Or they use standard Bitcoins or Monero.

House Edge in Crash Gambling

This is a highly rare event that implies that the round will end at 1.00x. In other words, the multiplier will not have time to go up before your bet is immediately nullified.

On average, the round ends in a 2x position. The chance of the round ending in House Edge is one in a hundred. This is absolutely natural and is not some kind of trick or game error, because according to the theory of chance, the probability of any event is possible.

In contrast, the multiplier can go up to 100x every few hundred games. In theory, the multiplier could reach an infinite value, but the chance of that happening is too low.

How you can improve your playing skills

Since the popularity of the game is extremely high, there have been many forums with tips on various ready-made popular sites. For example, you can find plenty of hints on well-known Reddit. There are more than ten subreddits on this topic.

You can also highlight amateur casino or professional casino forums, where a new strategy or risk management for that particular game is discussed every day.

Remember, there are no hacks for this. Absolutely all operations are conducted on the server side, to which you simply do not have access. Even if you had access to the server (which usually isn’t even available to the operators of this game, everything is automated for the sake of security), you still wouldn’t be able to change the game and the randomness.

Casino platforms are confident that the game is fair and no one has changed the value of chance with the help of automated hash matching. At the beginning and the end of the game, a hash is created on random variables that cannot be decrypted or spoofed. At the end of the game, they are compared. If they match, it means the game was fair. If not, the system automatically cancels wins and losses, and the guilty party is searched for by traces in the security system.

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