Tow Truck: 10 Most Common Reasons for Drivers

Tow Truck
Tow Truck


Have you ever been trapped on the side of the road? If you have experienced this, such can attest that a situation can be very alarming and may even cause a panic attack. However, when most people find themselves in such a situation they believe they can deal with the issue themselves which is very dangerous as they are already nervous. The best option may to be call a tow truck.  A tow truck is a truck with winches and hoists mechanisms for freeing stuck vehicles and for towing disabled and wrecked vehicles. It is also known as the service vehicle, tow rig, tow car, hoist truck, and even a wrecker. The wrecker was first invented in 1916 by Ernest Holmes with only a lifting jib. He was a garage worker and was inspired after he needed a block, six men to pull a car out of a creek. This was very tedious so he saw an opportunity to make the work easier in case such an event reoccurred and he constructed the service vehicle.  After improving his design he began selling it. There are numerous reasons why people call for a tow truck. In this article, however, we will discuss the ten most common reasons drivers call for a tow truck.

The vehicle is stuck in the mud.

The first on the list is if the vehicle gets stuck in the mud. Tow trucks are designed to pull vehicles out of the mud. Therefore the tow truck drivers may decline your call especially if they were not expecting such an issue. However, this should not discourage if your car is stuck in the mud just try calling a tow truck driver.

The vehicle has run out of gas.

Nowadays many cars have warning lights that tell the driver when the car is running out of fuel. However, sometimes the lights may go unnoticed until the vehicle is completely out of gas. In case this happens do not fret.  Though the situation can be embarrassing, stressful, and hazardous you just have to call a tow truck. This is especially if you are nowhere near the gas station. The tow truck has very good equipment that will grip your car firmly ensuring its safety and it will take you to the nearest gas station.  In addition, the tow truck business can bring you gasoline.

The vehicle has a tire flat and it needs to be changed.

 Vehicles having flat tires happen more often than people think. This can be caused by the vehicle running over something or if the tire gets pierced with a sharp object like a knife.  When this happens please do not continue driving as you will be endangering your life and that of your passengers. Just halt and call a  tow truck driver. The driver will help you repair or replace your tire and you will be on your way again.

The battery of the vehicle has died and the car will not start.

This is another common reason why people call tow truck drivers. Most people have experienced the stress of having to walk to work just because their cars will not start probably because of a dead battery. The dead battery may be a result of the battery needing to be charged or due to an electric malfunction. Once this happens call the tow truck driver. He or she will check o the battery and even the fluid levels and your car will be as good as new.

The car hit something and got dam, aged but it is still drivable.

Sometimes you may be driving and then you hit something but your car is still drivable. If there is noticeable damage like a dented bumper and the car can not be driven safely due to loss of control, just call a tow truck driver. They will pick up the car at no cost themselves.

You are having mechanical problems with your car.

If you have a broken down car it is important to call for help as soon as possible. If you are within a city the tow truck maybe is available for immediate dispatch. However, this may not be the case if you are in the middle of nowhere therefore you should have other options like calling a relative or a friend.\

If you have an emergency.

If you have an emergency, for example, a pregnant wife ready to give birth but there is a lot of traffic jam just call the tow truck company. The call should be made immediately after the emergency occurs. Do not dilly dally. However, such a situation can be very inconvenient and expensive and hopefully, God forbid you will not find yourself in such a predicament.

If the engine of the car overheats.

If the automobile overheats while you are driving and it has left you stranded in someplace you can call a tow truck company. The tow truck will have your car taken to a garage where it will checked. Therefore, do not let such a situation stress you.

If you have an accident.

If you are involved in an accident the safest opt option is to have a tow truck take your car to the garage where an expert will look at it. Avoid driving the car after the incident even though the car seems to be drivable. This will only cause more damage to the car.

Extreme weather.

Winter storms and even hailstones may cause the vehicle to slip off the road or even the vehicle may get stuck. In such a scenario a tow truck may get you and your vehicle home safe and sound. Thus if you are in such a situation do not tense just give a tow trucker company a call.


Even if you take care excellent care of your car by ensuring that all of its needs are maintained you may still experience things that are out of control. The car may therefore leave you stranded which may be very hectic. However, you just have to call a tow truck company and your problems will be resolved. To prevent such incidents from happening ensure your gas levels are always at least ha;f full so that you do not run out of fuel unexpectedly and ensure that the battery and tires are properly checked and serviced regularly.

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