Tips for stopping gambling addiction

gambling addiction
gambling addiction

Addiction, to whatever it may be for, is a serious issue. Unfortunately, addiction is still a bit of a taboo topic with negative misconceptions and connotations attached to it. These misconceptions are not any different for gambling addictions. Gambling addiction isn’t some random disheveled guy sitting at the slot games for hours on end, it’s a father spending the last of his children’s Christmas money. It always goes deeper and hurts the person addicted just as much as it does their loved ones.

In this blog, we are going to discuss a few basic tips that may help you or someone you know who is suffering from this illness. These tips will not help cure the addiction, but they can help just enough to take the next step in quitting. Gambling addiction doesn’t happen to everybody, something that’s known now is that those suffering from this kind of addiction usually have some underlying problems as well, so it’s important to seek out a professional.

Signs you may have a gambling addiction

It’s very paramount that the signs are known for gambling addictions. This illness, like many others, is a hidden one. You may not notice it straight away but if you experience these signs or if you notice someone you know showing these signs, it’s important to take note that you may have a problem more information about it at

  • If you don’t want to tell people that you’re gambling or how much you’re gambling, this is already a major red flag. No matter how big or small the reason is for why you feel the need to keep your gambling a secret, it’s still a problem.


  • Gambling more than what you’ve set aside is another sign. Every experienced gambler knows that it’s important to set a specific amount of money aside that you are willing to lose. Once that money is gone you’re done gambling. But if you gamble all of that money and more every time, that’s another red flag.


  • If you gamble even when you have no money to gamble with. If you find yourself low on spending money yet you still gamble, this is a big problem. You use the money you have for rent, groceries, and other necessities and gamble it instead. This can get worse, you will start borrowing money from people close to you to gamble or even steal.

Ways you can help yourself through a gambling addiction

If you are here because you recognize you have a problem, then give yourself a little hug. Recognizing that you have a problem is the first step to any addiction, and it’s a bigger step than people realize.

An important step to take is, to be honest about your problems to the people you love and trust. Especially if you know that they love you too, there will be no judgment. This needs to be done in order for you to build a support network that’s strong. Of course, not everyone is ready to do this. Joining a peer support group will also be a huge help, find one in your area or one online. See what kind of support works for you, and stick with it.

Finding the link to your feelings and why you gamble can also help. Do you gamble when you feel something negative like sadness, anger, or loneliness? Or do you gamble when you feel something positive like energized, excited, or just happy? Find that link and then you can reprogram yourself to do something healthier when you feel that feeling. Pick up a new hobby, like learning a new language or starting a thousand-piece puzzle.

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