Ram Slots and their Usage

Ram Slots
Ram Slots

PCs use various memory storage frames to store and retrieve information. One of those memory frames called arbitrary access memory (Ram Slots) is associated with the PC motherboard through Ram Slots openings.

By the time you are talking about your device’s irregular access memory (Ram Slots), you are really discussing two sections: your RAM module and your RAM openings. Each aperture will fit a specific module in, which means that certain types of modules just won’t fit.

Clarify the different types of RAM slots

To understand the different types of Ram Slots spaces, we need to see what types of RAM modules exist and how they contrast. When you figure that out, it won’t be difficult to understand why RAM spaces are equally unique to each other.

What is a RAM slot?

The aperture, attachment, or memory space is a hole in your PC’s motherboard where you can embed your RAM slot. Depending on the type of motherboard, there can be up to four memory attachments. That you have a high-end motherboard, you may even have more.

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There are three most common types of RAM:

SDRAM (Synchronous DRAM) – a type of memory that is synchronized using your PC’s frame clock.=

DDR (Double Data Rate) – Uses the rising and falling edge of the clock, which can double the memory of the PC. You’ll find the latest variant of DDR innovation on the latest video and memory cards.

DIMM (Dual Inline Memory Module) – This module contains a circuit board and an additional RAM chip. SO-DIMMs are the most current version of the DIMM and are typically important for PCs.

What makes RAM slots different?

Since the beginning of RAM, the actual state of the modules has changed. These actual changes are what made the modules faster. At the same time, the progressions also affected the vibration of the RAM attachments. A part of the progressions includes:

An Alternate Number of Pins – Newer Ram Slots modules have a higher number of pins than more established ones. That’s why you can’t embed more up-to-date RAM modules in more established attachments.

The miscellaneous hole between the pins

Keyway openings are in various areas of the connector space.

Distinctive Height and Length: The length is more complicated as it will fit in the RAM accessory or not. The height can fluctuate even between similar module types, as it does not need to fit anywhere.

Smash spaces are vertical openings, regularly numbered three or four, which are generally located in the upper right corner of the motherboard. The motherboard is the essential printed circuit board in the PC that contains different spaces, or association foci, for various fundamental segments.

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The moment a program is opened, that program is stacked from the hard lock into RAM storage for quick retrieval. Arbitrary access memory is made up of small memory chips that are stored inside a memory module or RAM chip. RAM chips, also called sticks, connect to vertical spaces on the motherboard.


Smash chips contain discharge cut notches on one side or the other, as well as an opening key score. The RAM chip open key indentation is located in accordance with a space key located in the motherboard RAM open chamber. When the chip is embedded, two ejection cuts located on the reverse side of the RAM opening lock the chip in place.

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