Mia Khalifa

Mia Khalifa
Mia Khalifa

Former adult star Mia Khalifa said on Friday she was “with the ranchers all the time” after her comments, analyzing the treatment given to fighting ranchers, which generated sharp responses.

A tweet from world pop star Rihanna on Tuesday unleashed a flood of aid for ranchers struggling with various global superstars, activists, and lawmakers who told them of their strength. Ms. Khalifa had also shared a tweet.

The public authority had rebuked the tweets of Ms. Rihanna and different important personalities, saying that the realities on the issue should be discovered before people rush to comment, calling it “neither accurate nor capable”.

Ms. Khalifa, 27, took to Twitter again and shared a picture of dissent from a gathering of people, with notices and banners of her, Ms. Rihanna, and young Swedish environmental lobbyist Greta Thunberg.

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One of the bulletins read: “Mia Khalifa regains consciousness.” She joked about the mistake and said: “Claiming that I have indeed regained consciousness, and I may want to thank you for her anxiety, but it is useless. However, I still stick with the ranchers.” Ms. Khalifa had earlier condemned the shutdown of the internet at fight destinations and tweeted: “What the heck is the violation of common freedoms happening ?!” In a resulting tweet on Wednesday, the Lebanese American craftsman also hit people who called the ranchers “paid artists.” “‘Paid entertainers’ huh? Incredible head of projection, I trust they won’t be ignored during grant season. I’ll stick with the ranchers. #FarmersProtest,” he had composed.

Mia Khalifa instagram , American attorney and niece of American Vice President Kamala Harris, entertainer Amanda Cerni, artists Jay Sean and Dr. Zeus, and Hollywood star John Cusack have also expressed their help to struggling ranchers.

A lot of ranchers have been fighting in three hot spots on the outskirts of Delhi calling for the total annulment of the three property laws.

One of the bulletins read: “Mia Khalifa regains consciousness.”

She joked about the mistake, stating, “Stating that I have indeed regained consciousness of her, and may want to thank you for her anxiety, albeit pointless. However, I still stick with the ranchers.”

Khalifa had previously reviewed the website shutdown at combat sites and tweeted: “What the hell is going on because of the violation of basic freedoms?”

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In a tweet that followed Wednesday, the Lebanese-American artist had also beaten up people who called ranchers “paid artists.”

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