Jeffrey Epstein island

Jeffrey Epstein
Jeffrey Epstein

Today topic is Jeffrey Epstein island . Two representatives who worked on the neighborhood airstrip in St. Thomas revealed to Vanity Fair that they saw Epstein loading his private plane at numerous events at the youth organization that by all accounts appeared to be under the assent period. According to the workers, the girls showed up with Epstein aboard one of his two Gulfstream jets.

Between January 2018 and June 2019, recently distributed flight logs show, the planes in any case flew outside of a clockwork mechanism. They stopped in all parts of the world, in some cases for a couple of hours all at once: Paris, London, Slovakia, Mexico, Morocco. By the time they left St. Thomas, workers say, they returned to air terminals near Epstein’s homes in Palm Beach and New York City.

“One occurrence specifically sticks in my brain, arguing that the girls were just too young. They couldn’t be over 16 years old. Jeffrey Epstein looked furious and threw his coat at one of them. They were also hauling shopping bags from stores that They’re not on the island. I thought, ‘Where the hell have they been shopping?’ “

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The representative adds that he and his collaborators would joke about what they were seeing. Usually, we would joke, ‘How many kids are ready this time?’ But the representative also says that he was “absolutely horrified”, calling him “totally crazy.” “that an accused sex offender had the option to move so transparently in the MeToo period.

Jeffrey Epstein clearly made no effort to hide his movements with young ladies. The runway on St. Thomas shows a focal road, and a nearby parking area at the University of the Virgin Islands gives a full perspective on the landing area and virtually all aircraft on the ground. By the time he is “home” in Little St. James, Epstein’s plane constantly stops directly in front of the control tower.

“The way the little ones escaped from his helicopter and got on his plane, it looked like he was parading it,” says the representative. “However, it was said that in general, he gave very good tips, so everyone neglected him.”

In any case, when Jeffrey Epstein was alive, Little Saint James had epithets like “Sin Island”, “Pedophile Island” and “Bash Island”. These epithets alone are monster warnings. At the time, Epstein regularly called it “Little Saint Jeff’s.”

Jeffrey Epstein’s Island was meant to be hard to leave

Not exclusively the island of Epstein is totally separated from the rest of the Virgin Islands, however, it is very difficult to leave. There are only two different ways to get off the island: by helicopter or by private boat. This not only made it difficult for specialists to examine Epstein but also made it difficult for victims to escape.

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Jeffrey Epstein reportedly seized the travel documents and ended the correspondence the victims may have had with the rest of the world. One survivor struggled to escape by swimming incessantly. In any case, Epstein discovered her “very quickly” and “knew precisely where she was.” The victim concluded that she “was being watched day after day.”

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