Juliette has a gun not a perfume dossier.co Review 2022

juliette has a gun not a perfume
juliette has a gun not a perfume


Juliette has a gun not a perfume made by Romano Ricci, a perfumer who is Nina Ricci’s great-grandson (legendary perfumer and fashion designer). Romano Ricci taught himself the art of making perfumes and, for quite a period, studied by working alongside Isabelle Maillebiau and Francis Kurkdjian, who are great renowned perfumers. The Romano launched the brand in Paris and Grasse-world-known perfume epicenters. The signature scent produced by Romano is not only about smelling good but also an affirmation of your being. He aims at restoring perfumes to their originality and emblems of style that they once were. This makes his scent unique and has a unique scent pertaining different to each individual. The brand has garnered hundreds of thousands of sales globally, making it a success.

What is the concept behind the name?

The name juliette has a gun not a perfume stems from a twisted Shakespeare heroine metaphor. Juliette’s gun represents power which, according to Ricci, means her perfume. The metaphor illustrates the scent that is produced by her perfume. The fragrance represents the weapon of mass seduction. The idea portrayed is that once you give a girl the right scent, she will conquer the world.

In the traditional sense, according to the chemical ingredients, the fragrance is not a perfume ideally. One fragrance component in production is known as cetalox, which is a synthetic ambergris. Hence the use of the name Not a… in his vast collection of perfumes.

In the Dossier.co website, the company has replicated the original perfume, drawing inspiration from it to produce a Musky Musky scent. The scent is popular among customers garnering over 600 reviews with an average rating of 4.2. The smell is the U.F.O fragrance of the world, as the dossier describes.

What is the scent of the fragrance?

A robust scent can always draw the attention of people around you, arousing different feelings and perceptions toward you. The fragrance generates a pure, musky, clean, ultramodern, and woody distinguished scent. It blends well with your natural scent without masking it, resulting in a distinctive smell for you. The fragrance has resulted in a lot of love shown to the perfume since it smells different on everybody.

Having a base note of Cetalox, the scent lasts all day long. The scent you have once you wear it changes through time, and at the end of the day, you smell differently than during the initial application. A polyphony of bliss aroma comes about as Notes play. The fragrance has a 15% concentration making it part of the reason it lasts all day long.

What is the purchase price?

The Dossier Musky Musk Fragrance retails for $30 for a 50 ml bottle. The price is low compared to the original perfume and the fragrance quality you get. The Dossier scent provides a feeling and smells like a luxury product considering it is 70% cheaper than the original fragrance’s retail price.

How is the fragrance packed?

The dossier incorporates similar packaging for all its products. This assists in keeping your Dossier products consistent, and assorting is more manageable in case you possess multiple scents from the company. The packaging is sleek and modern, whereas the glass bottle is luxurious and heavy. A fragrance card on the bottle explains the details of notes, ingredients, sourcing, and directions for use. A shiny silver cap closes the bottle, which is also magnetic, preventing it from getting lost. The bottle is clear, making it easy to note the amount of perfume left.


Consumer response to a product showcases the quality that is the product. Juliette has a gun not a perfume dossier.co really outdid with this fragrance, from the longevity period it lasts on the body to the unique scent generated for specific periods of the day. The packaging is premium and luxurious, giving the fragrance a lovely appearance. The clean, modern, and lightly musky smell makes it alluring to the user and other people nearby. This has led to many generated sales of this brand globally due to the love caused by it. If you want to purchase, go to the dossier.co company website and get the perfume, you will love it.

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