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Baccarat online card game is probably no longer strange to you, but not all of you know how to play Baccarat with insurance. Playing a Baccarat game with insurance? In the following article, Kubet will answer this question for you.

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What is Insurance Baccarat?

Insurance Baccarat is a type of bet that has just been introduced and included in the Baccarat card game in the last few years but has attracted a lot of support from players. Players will use insurance bets to cope when falling into a losing situation and use it to increase their chances of winning. This bet is a form of betting that brings benefits for players to minimize risk in the process of betting.

Baccarat insurance can be understood as follows: The Player will increase an amount after placing the bet and dealing the cards (the extra amount is not in the betting capital but the insurance money). Wager from the dealer or another player.

With this insurance Baccarat bet, if the opponent wins, the game will reduce the winnings from the insurance bet user. That means the bettor’s loss is also significantly reduced. This extra is hugely beneficial to help players not quickly lose all their bets when participating in the game.

Players must be calculated and flexible in using the Baccarat insurance bet, up to the maximum amount equal to the main chance. If the user of the insurance bet has a higher score than the opponent, players, after playing, can add the insurance amount proportionally.

Rules for participating in Baccarat insurance

It sounds confusing, but playing Baccarat insurance bet also has the same rules as playing regular Baccarat. Each Player and Banker bet will be dealt two cards. Insurance bets are only activated when a card is drawn and opened before the Banker or Player draws a 3rd card. The result is calculated as the side with 8 or 9 is the winner.

In a game of Baccarat, each Player can only bet on insurance once, so players need to know how to calculate it to use it properly. The payout is based on the amount bet on the Banker’s hand or the Player’s hand. One caveat is that the winnings from the insurance bet will not exceed the principal bet amount.

How to bet simple insurance Baccarat for new players

When you activate the insurance bet mode, the Baccarat game screen will automatically display the insurance bet with explicit content such as bet chips and bet limit, and you will rely on that to make the right choice. Fit. If you do not meet the requirements of the insurance bet, you need to wait for another player to complete the insurance bet and then place your bet. Playing Baccarat with insurance is very simple.

First, you need to observe the total score of the first two cards of the Banker and Player bets. Then we compare the scores of the two doors, Banker and Player, to decide whether to bet insurance for the dealer or the Player. If you place an insurance bet on the Banker side, you will win the insurance bet when the Player wins and vice versa.

The most popular insurance bets

When participating in playing Baccarat insurance bet, you can choose to bet from the house or the Player and flexibly two cases of Baccarat insurance bets below:

Insurance bet from the house

In this situation, the Player compares the total of the first two cards. If the house has a higher score, you should choose to buy insurance bets on the house side.

At the end of the game, the insurance bet will win if the Player’s side wins, and you will get money. On the contrary, if the house bet wins, you will lose a sum of money, but because there is an insurance bet, the amount of money lost will not be as much as when you usually bet and do not worry about being scammed.

Insurance bet from Player.

Like the insurance bet from the house, the Baccarat insurance bet from the Player must also compare the total score of the first two cards and choose the Player insurance bet if the Player’s total score is higher.

In the case at the end of the game and the house wins, the insurance bettor will win and get money. Conversely, the insurance bettor will lose and be deducted if the horse loses. But the highly beneficial thing is that no matter which side the insurance bet is on, the Player only loses a small amount of money when losing the chance.

Notes when participating in insurance Baccarat bets

  • You must calculate to decide to choose the insurance Baccarat bet that matches the original bet amount
  • It is essential to pay attention to the selection of bets because it determines the win rate a lot. Chances tend to be suitable bets for insurance, so bookies should give the weaker rated door insurance.
  • Players must carefully calculate the use of capital to bet.
  • Understand and understand the rules of the game and the rules of insurance bets.

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Summary of Kubet promotions

When playing entertainment and betting games at the bookie, players are often attracted by the special promotions of that house. At the same time, a home that regularly deploys many upgrades is considered a bookie with strong money potential and an understanding of players. Kubet is such a bookie, and today let’s learn about Kubet Promotions with KUBET.

List of super cool Kubet Promotions

With the investment and understanding of customers, Kubet regularly organizes events and promotions to thank loyal customers and attract more new players. Here is a list of the latest and most attractive Kubet Promotions this year!

This promotion is the most attractive 128k promotion gift program of Kubet with straightforward rules. As long as the phone number is successfully registered and verified, you will immediately receive the amount of 686k to your account. Please note that the phone number used to register is entirely new (never written with Kubet before), which means you must be a new Kubet player.

Kubet’s program gives codes to all players.

A gift code is something players look for every day, and this is a fantastic Kubet offer for new and veteran players alike. Hundreds of thousands of codes are emitted every day in various forms. If you get the code, you can place your bet, and if you win, you can withdraw it to your bank account. How could such an attractive offer be absent from Kubet’s latest 2022 promotion list?

Wheel of fortune, where to hit

experienced Player can say that the Kubet Promotion method by lucky spin has appeared for a long time, but that does not mean that it is outdated! Currently, the wheel of fortune is still a game loved by many people because it brings excitement, excitement, and suspense waiting to see which box they turn into.

The lucky spin promotion is the same; you need to click on the spin wheel and wait for the results to see which package you hit and how much its reward is. It’s too simple to receive a gift.

Share now and receive instant gifts from Kubet.

Just follow the rules of the public sharing program on Facebook, and you can get a bonus of 3000 VND. Sharing is quite simple for those with a gaming account linked to Facebook because you need to press the share button on your Facebook wall. This strategy is a long campaign, but it is still included in the latest Kubet Promotion for 2022 because of its immense appeal.

Log in every day to get a gift.

One of the simplest and easiest programs to receive rewards is probably logging in daily to receive instant gifts from Kubet. You also have to log in to your account every day to play the game. You can play the game and receive rewards from the standard login every day. Every time you log into the game, the system will automatically record and notify you. After that, kubet will display the daily gift table on the homepage, and you can click to get the reward of the day.

Chopping trees to collect coins with Kubet

This collecting option is also a Kubet Promotion enjoyed by many young people. This promotion is implemented as follows. When you log in to play the game, you will receive a small ax, log in more days will receive more axes. Your job is to accumulate a lot of axes in exchange for cutting trees on Kubet. When you cut down a tree, you will receive all the coins from that tree.

Bonus money when loading via Momo e-wallet

The program is for customers who deposit a minimum of 30,000 VND via Momo E-Wallet and does not apply to other forms of direct payment. Please note that each account can only spin up to 1 lucky draw per day. No matter how many times you load it, the system will not recognize it.

Kubet Promotion chooses 1 out of 5 rewards.

When coming to the Kubet bookie, everyone will enjoy attractive promotions. Choose 1 of 5 gifts such as a desktop vacuum cleaner, Bluetooth headset, USB plug-in vaporizer, 2-hole pusher, or Speaker sports Bluetooth mobile. Anyone who meets the following conditions can receive one gift: during the event period from January 1, 2020, to December 31, 2020, players top up three times or more with a total deposit amount of over 5,000,000 VND and valid players. Please register to receive gifts before December 21, 2020, from Kubet.

KU casino lobby – Top Asia leading online casinos

If you are a longtime online betting player, you must have heard of the reputation of the Ku casino lobby. However, if you are a young player and do not know much about this casino, today, KUBET will introduce details to understand better!

Do you know what is the Ku casino lobby ?

KU Casino is a top-rated Kubet casino. People call it Kubet KU Casino because Ku Casino is a branch in the Kubet group. Still, it is somewhat inaccurate when people call it Kubet KU Casino because KU Casino includes only online casino games. In contrast, Kubet includes KU Casino casino games and a lottery, sports, and 3D slot games.

The Ku casino lobby offers all the themes of a professional casino in real life. Ku Casino has games of dice, sicbo, baccarat, dice, poker, blackjack, blackjack, mahjong and more… The playing experience at Ku Casino will give you a truly immersive experience with its interface. Beautiful, convenient, friendly, and, more importantly, an attractive house.

The things that make the Ku casino lobby so famous

It is not natural that Ku Casino has the power to overwhelm many of the oldest gaming sites in the country, nor is it really that many players love the games of the Ku casino lobby, but all have their reasons. By own. Here are the reasons why players are attracted!

The game store is diverse and super cool.

Players can experience a rich and diverse game store here. These games have received a lot of praise because of their ease of play, simple rules, and valuable rewards. The interface and the organized competition are lovely and intelligent, making players attractive. Take your eyes off.

High-class customer information security system

Ku Casino is considered one of the best websites to protect users’ personal information. Dealers use 1024-bit RSA encryption and 448-bit Blowfish Key, a very secure system comparable to that of a large company. This security is much higher than the SSL security system of other bookmakers on the market. Therefore, hackers or 3rd parties can’t infiltrate and steal users’ data.

Enthusiastic, dedicated when supporting customers to play games.

The Ku casino lobby has a well-trained and professional customer service team. The staff is available 24/7 (including holidays and Tet) to answer all questions for players. Ku Casino has a dense dealer network, so there is no rush of customers or late replies. When there is a demand from customers, the staff will quickly receive and handle it.

List of famous games of Ku casino

After introducing you to the advantages of the Ku lobby, we will now introduce you to the famous games of Ku casino today.

Hot poker online

Xoc disc is a folk game that has existed for a long time in Vietnam and is being upgraded by Kubet. The integrated game proper launch has quickly attracted many players, the rules were not too complicated, and there were many doors to choose to bet with high odds from 1 to 14. How to join the game is very simple, so anyone, even a novice, can easily play it.

Play the ultimate Baccarat at the Ku casino lobby

Baccarat is considered a top-rated game that appears in most casinos worldwide. If you are a lover of American action movies, you will see this title coming out a lot. It takes a while to understand the rules and how to play on first contact, but very quickly.

Game Dragon – a Tiger, is a super book.

Dragon Tiger is known by its English name as the dragon tiger game, and it is a popular game in most online casinos, including the online Ku casino lobby. The competition attracts many members to participate because it is straightforward to join. You need to bet on 1 of 3 doors tiger, dragon, and tie.

Telling you how to play games at the winning Ku casino lobby

Please swim here to read the instructions if you are a novice when playing online games at Ku casino!

  • Step 1: You need to have a Kubet gaming account linked to your bank account
  • Step 2: you log in to your account and select the game you want to play
  • Step 3: Play the game according to the house’s instructions
  • Step 4: If you win, withdraw the bonus results to your bank account!


Hopefully, through the article about KUBET, you will have more information and experience in playing online games at Ku casino!

Also you find the article about the Kubet Promotion excellent and valuable, please share it with many friends and quickly create a game account at Kubet to receive super great gifts!


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