How Did Gambling Change During covid-19?


The Covid-19 pandemic brought about huge shifts in behaviours in society like nothing before experienced in the 21st century. When the world went into lockdown to stem the spreading of this virus, one of many things that changed was how people continued to enjoy gambling during and after the pandemic.


Gambling has been a popular pastime since ancient China, with various games and sporting events bet on worldwide for much of human history. With organised gambling came gambling houses or casinos, where people can place stakes on games with live dealers and games of chance providing payouts.

As technology develops into the new millennium, digital gambling has become a viable avenue for many players. As graphics, mechanics and live streaming capabilities have improved, so has the potential of online casino sites. There is now a huge selection of online gambling platforms, with developers releasing games regularly, giving players more choices and better gameplay.

The Transition to Online Casinos

Microgaming first developed the software to allow for online gambling platforms in the mid-1990s. This was around the time that commercial internet use had begun to grow, with over 200 online casinos live by 1997. Since then, online casinos and gambling websites have been growing in terms of users and what is available yearly, with more choice and players online than ever.

Increased online casino players hit unprecedented heights during the Covid-19 pandemic, with many brick-and-mortar establishments closing due to lockdown restrictions. During this time, casino gameplay shifted online as players searched for the most realistic alternative to physical play. As countries introduced lockdown measurements, a huge spike in searches for online casino sites and games was noticed, which caused developers to start releasing content to keep up with demand. Many gamers never returned to classic casino play after lockdown ceased, and the estimated market value of online gambling was expected to reach $81 billion by 2022.

This sudden rise in online casino players has led to an improved gaming experience with improved games, features and offers available to gamers. Along with a seemingly endless library of slot games available to play, there have been a lot of improvements in live casino table games like Poker and Roulette. Features on-site put customer service as more of a priority than ever, with 24-hour support, multiple payment methods and game demo versions available. New bonus offers online provide players with additional gaming potential via Free Spins, Bet Credits and matched deposit features.

Why Use an Online Casino?

There are many reasons players move their casino gameplay online with the sites and games now available across the market. Many online casino games are now compatible with mobile and tablet devices and desktop computers so that gameplay can be accessed online at any time or place. Accessing an authentic casino experience from live dealer table games to classic fruit machine slots at the touch of a button, has made gameplay more accessible than ever.

Apart from the obvious advantage of online play on the move, there are several other reasons gamers are staying at home instead of going out to brick-and-mortar casinos. The experience for customers is far superior online as sites compete to attract and retain players instead of relying on geographical location. Customer support features can be accessed instantly with additional information or personal help available at any time via Live Chat features. Fans of table games will find it takes less time to fill a table due to the huge number of players online from across the world. There are many reasons that online casinos provide a better service, and whilst physical gameplay can’t be replicated, many sites are doing a very good job of trying.

Game Developers at Work.

Numerous game developments were introduced during the Covid-19 pandemic resulting in better gameplay and bigger prizes than ever before. The casino game industry has come a long way since 3-reel fruit machine slots with a huge catalogue of games accessible online. These can range from live classic casino table games to gameshow-style features based on the most popular games from Deal or no Deal to Monopoly. The slot games on offer now feature countless titles, from original slots to high-definition video games with multiple bonus features and innovative game mechanics.

Many different game developers have worked on the huge online casino game offering available right now. Some of these companies have been big names in the industry since its early days, such as Microgaming and Blueprint. More new names in the online casino game industry, such as Pragmatic Play and Hacksdaw Gaming.

Online Casino Bonus Offers

Online casinos offer competitive bonuses, such as joining bonuses available to new site members to match deposit bonuses or Free Spins to returning site players. Whilst brick-and-mortar casinos will offer their players bonuses from time to time, what they offer members cannot compete online. Many casino sites offer brilliant bonuses to new members.


The popularity of online casino play has been increasing for years; however, nobody expected the sharp change in players’ gambling habits brought on by Covid-19. This increased the industry value, leading to more companies spending time and money on having an online presence that gamers can use. The change in gambling habits during Covid-19  is very clear, as is the difference in how people gamble now that the pandemic lockdown measures have lessened. Please remember to gamble responsibly when using online or brick-and-mortar casino games.

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