The Current Impact of AI in the Online Gambling Industry

Online Gambling
Online Gambling

Over the past several years, the gambling industry has shifted dramatically. No longer are players limited to in-person casinos and traditional bookies for placing wagers. They can now bet online, visit virtual Vegas-style environments, and bet on slots, table games, and sporting events globally.

Below we will explore AI’s impact on the gambling industry and what changes to expect in the future.

Dramatic Changes with AI

With AI leading the shift in modern technology, online gambling is a thriving industry as more people are playing slots and table games and betting on their favorite sporting events.

Artificial Intelligence is helping businesses simplify mundane, administrative, and marketing tasks. Gambling establishments can decrease manpower by outsourcing with AI in features like answering basic questions and handling user complaints.

Freeing up revenue from human help is letting online casinos invest in marketing ad campaigns, as AI can help with user preferences to improve customer experiences.

Reducing Fraud

In-person, land-based casinos are vulnerable to thefts, fake IDs, and counterfeit funds. However, AI is helping to crack down on cybercriminal activity.

AI is helping online bookies reduce the risk of fraudulent transactions online. By monitoring how people sign up on their casino sites, AI can eliminate cheating and block people from impersonating others.

AI can spot machines that act as bots and use botnet mining to try to cheat the house in different games. AI is also pivotal in helping to spot when users are on sites illegally or gambling with VPNs to hide their identity online.

Improving Tasks and Texts

Open AI in the form of GPT-4 is a collaborative way to simplify processes. It can create, iterate, edit, and simplify content to help streamline writing online.

Because AI continuously improves itself, it provides feedback on changes managers can make to help improve their interactions with guests.

Simplifying Rules and Games

With expedited work and simplified steps, players can have better online experiences and enjoy hours of consistent gameplay with help only a few clicks away.

One area where this is clear is in helping players learn how to play poker or blackjack. In addition to demo mode, AI is useful with online coaches and demo mode tips. Helping novice players increase their confidence means they will have more self-assurance when they eventually play online for real money.

Casino management can also tell when a player uses statistical software and tries to gain a house advantage. Hence, AI is mitigating revenue losses.

Full-Time Customer Service

A lot of online casinos need more staff to work 24/7/365. However, with AI, they do not need it. Incorporating AI into their customer service platform means they can offer full-time responses day and night.

About 85% of customer support will likely include AI within the next few years. An advantage is players can quickly get answers and get back to their games with less downtime in waiting for live chat operators to become available.

Some casinos and bookmakers are even setting up platforms with AI specifically for helping to explain sportsbook rules to gamblers. Hence, they can find helpful tutorials and send messages if they are about to place bets and do not have to worry about not having real-time access to the information they need.

Promotions for New and Returning Players

While some casinos have a single person or small team to handle their marketing and promotions, AI is changing how they generate offers.

With streamlined ad campaigns, they can vary offers around user preferences and offer more incentives to players based on their existing gameplay history.

New players will find attractive signup promotions. Return players can find seasonally themed offers to reward gameplay as they enjoy free spin offers or referral cash bonuses, which is especially attractive with real money casino games for high rollers.


How is AI useful for gambling?

AI can block fraud and help with transactions, account data, and promotions.

Will AI take over casino jobs eventually?

Yes and no. Casinos will always need bookmakers and in-person help. However, AI can help with basic tasks online.

Is AI available online?

Yes. AI is useful with text responses, helping players learn table games, and even with spotting bots.

Wrap Up

As Artificial Intelligence continues to evolve, businesses like the gambling industry use its features to block fraud and help players online. Casinos will gradually incorporate AI more into their online gambling experiences.

Like Alexa, Siri, and Cortana, AI is available for basic tasks and to help with account preferences, signup and return player promotional offers, and marketing data.

Expect more open AI and GPT-4 features to help simplify tasks and improve user experiences in the future. While AI will not replace human help, casinos can start offering 24/7 support (that never needs a day off after the big game or poker tournament!).

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