Emi Canyn Unidentified Facts and the Cause of her Death

Emi Canyn
Emi Canyn

In Tacoma, Washington, the United States of America on 5th December 1954 Emi Canyon was born. Her full and actual name is Emi Jo Schmidt and her nickname is Emi Canyn.  She was an American rock singer, songwriter, and performer. She has American ethnicity and her zodiac sign is Sagittarius. Whereas her sexual orientation is straight, her height in inches is 5 feet and 8 inches and in centimeters, her height was 175. Her weight was 60 kg and she was a pretty woman with a lot of good habits. She spent her whole life in a good manner and was kind.

She had a big family of ten. Her father’s name was Floyd Schmidt and her mother’s name was Eleanor. She had seven siblings and in that way, they were ten members of the home. She had three sisters and four brothers. Her sisters’ names are Barbra Reines, Jeri Ovechka, and Joan McMahan (late). Her brothers’ names are Rob, Douglas, Kenneth, and Jon Schmidt.

Emi Canyn Early Education

She got her early education from Mount Tahoma High school in Tacoma. In 1973, her high school diploma was completed and after that Emi Canyn don’t continue her studies. She didn’t go to college and she started her music career in the late 90s. She started her music career in Washington but when she was not satisfied there and after that, she shifted to California. It was the late 70s and she tasted much success there.

She fronted many bands like She Rok, Cannon, and Alice N Thunderland.  She was one of the founding members and lead vocalist of this band. People everywhere praise her because of her multi-octave voice and dynamic and active stage presence. Their group released an eponymous album in Japan in 1995. She holds American citizenship and is of white ethnicity. Their album featured 11 tracks including Pay the Man, Mine All Mine, Bow Your Heads, and more.

Emi Canyn Net Worth

She made a good amount of money from her singing career. During her life, she performs in many metal bands, stages, and rock bands. She had a successful and great career and she earned a lot in her life. She was living a good life with all essentials of life without any problems with budget and money. She had a lavish life and spent money wherever she wanted. According to an estimate, Emi Canyn’s net worth is $ 1 million.

Emi  Canyn Ex-husband Mick Mars

Emi Canyn and Mick Mars met each other in the music industry as both were involved in it. Mick Mars’s real name is Robert Alan Deal, he is an American musician, retired guitarist, and also the co-founder of Motley Crue, a heavy metal band. He was born on 1951, May 4 in the United States. He is now retired from the guitar band because of some medical issues. He was in several relationships before and after Emi Canyn. In 1971, he married Sharon and they were dating for a year. From his marriage, he had two children Les Paul Deal and Stormy Deal. After three years of their marriage, they divorce in 1974.

After that, he dated Marcia Tucker which lasted for five years from 1974 to 1979. In 1980, he had a relationship with Linda Correi and they split in 1984. After that, he dated Nina Hagen for three years from 1984 to 1987. And then he met Emi Canyn and started dating her.

Emi Canyn began singing for Motley Crue in the late 80s and there they both know about one another. Mick Mars was an iconic member of Motley Crue. They started dating each other in 1987 and after four years in 1991, they were married. They split in 1994 as their marriage didn’t work well for both of them and they separated paths in a short period. They parted ways easily without any big drama. Also, they don’t have kids together so it was easy for them to leave each other. Both of them continued their life after their divorce and Emi Canyn never married again. She continued her music career with many other bands but didn’t get the fame as her husband. His worth is $70 million and he is a very rich man.

Music Career after Divorce

She don’t give up after her divorce and continued singing and pursuing her music career. She was the lead vocalist of Alice N Thunderland and She Rok and they dropped one full-length volume of Alice N Thunderland. She made news for many reasons and her music career was covered by rock and metal magazines.

The religion of Emi Canyn

Emy Canyn practiced Christianity her whole life till her death. Her whole family, parents, brothers, and sisters were and are still practicing  Christianity and are following it as their religion.

Emy Canyn Death

Emi Canyn was passionate about her work and her whole life she wanted to do her best. When she grew older she came back to her native Washington and scaled back her career. She was living in the town of Lacey at the time of her death. On the 25th of February 2017, at the age of 62, she was found dead in her home. According to her family members, she died naturally of natural causes and there was no problem with her. As she had no kids and also her parents died before her death her siblings did her funeral arrangements.

According to her family, she was a very kind, caring, talented, and loving daughter. She never did anything wrong to anyone and was a kind-hearted person. When she died they also gave tribute to her career. She was also kind to animals and had two beloved puppies named Kujo and Gizmo. People remember her even after her death and miss her. She was an American beauty with an excellent voice and many more talents. People still remember her and listen to her band’s songs.

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