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In today’s modern era, it is undeniable that the progress of technology and science is growing very rapidly. In ancient times humans could only communicate in long distances by correspondence via mail. To communicate with our relatives or friends using letters can take days to weeks depending on the distance place of our correspondence.

Since the invention of telephone technology by Alexander Graham Bell in 1875, it has changed the way humans communicate with each other. Humans have been able to communicate with each other quickly and easily at almost the same time.

The development of cellular phones is the one of the greatest human inventions in this hundred years along with internet network access which is the main support for mobile phone users in the future.

An employee at Motorola named Martin Cooper had the idea to create a mobile phone that is flexible and can be taken outside. Together with his team, Cooper finally succeeded in creating a mobile phone weighing 2 kilograms which cost approximately US $ 1 million in 1973.

The mobile phone that was created at that time was also very large and had a very expensive price so that it could not be sold in market. At 1983 Motorola finally succeeded in producing a portable mobile phone for US $ 4 thousand at that time.

The development of mobile cellular phones is growing rapidly from year to year until finally developing into smart phones that can be used as a communication tool, for works and as a tools of entertainment.

One of the companies that popularized mobile phone products with touch screen applications for the first time was the Apple company with iPhone products. The first generation of iPhone cellular phones was introduced by Apple co-founder Steve Jobs on January 9, 2007.

The popularity of the iPhone has become very high among lovers of smart phone technology. Thanks to the iPhone, it has changed the face of smart cell phone technology to become more capable and more usable in various purposes.

Thanks to the presence of the internet, it has also succeeded in boosting second generation mobile phone users to switch to the third generation by using smart phones with 3G networks that can access various information and entertainment using only smart phones.

Currently, a smartphone user has become multi-functional because it can be used for various purposes such as communicating, searching for information on the internet, socializing via online social media, watching videos and movies online, playing online games and even doing online dating.

In this article we will only discuss one of the functions of smart cell phones that are used as entertainment suggestions for playing online games because it would be too long and a lot of words if I explain all the phone functions that can be used by the users at this time.

Playing online games via cell phones can be one of the entertainments for game lovers. Especially after a day of activities at the office or studying which is very tiring and boring.

One of the games that currently has a lot of interest is the game on Higgs Domino Island which is in one of the Facebook games. The game has become very popular lately and played by many people because it’s easy and simple to play.

Everyone can play this game if they have an account on Facebook. When we start playing we will be given a number of chips that will be used by us to play various types of games ranging from ludo games, domino games, poker games, puzzle games to online slot machine games.

If we can win a number of chips using the initial capital given when we start playing, we can exchange them for credit or even sell the chips to anyone who is interested in buying them.

Friends, you can also make a Deposit Pulsa to play the game if you want to top up the chips balance that has run out. The Domino Higgs Island game is currently one of the most popular games in all parts of the world today.

Just imagine, you can play various online games to relieve stress and boredom while also being able to get prizes in the form of credit or get cash by selling our chip balances to players who are interested in buying them.

All games on Higgs Domino Island are official and legal games. So what are you waiting for guys? register and play now to enjoy various games while looking for extra pocket money.

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