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Alison Parker
Alison Parker

Allison Parker who has made a flat pack by selling indecent snapshots of herself has opened up to the weirdest requests she’s received on the web.

Allison Parker buys seven figures every year because of those who are willing to shell out for the nude photos of her.

Be that as it may, the server above says that those who spend money through Only Fans and Snapchat Premium have also come up with some strange suggestions.

They’ve ran, she says, from proposals to compromise to calls to “freeze her trash.”

I can tell you how to legitimately package it,'” she said.

Stacking Instagram posts

The 28-year-old never complied with the request and said that she would not like to be known by the 7.7 million Instagram devotees of her, and others around the world.

While she lives a “laid back way of life,” Parker said she has lost up to $ 1.5 million through cat fishing tricks, where people have taken photos of her and used them for themselves.

Recently, an Australian influencer tearfully broke up and said that a large number of her followers had stopped settling amid the Covid pandemic.

“Billi Beever”, 27, has 130,000 followers and followers on Instagram by charging for photographs and recordings that are often very naughty.

“Everyone on TV is continually discussing how everyone has lost their jobs and people can’t pay for anything anymore, yet I’m losing sponsors at OnlyFans and that’s my main type of income,” she said.

It’s been a long time since columnist Alison Parker, who was at a live television gathering in southern Virginia, was killed when a previous couple approached and shot her and cameraman Adam Ward. Despite repeated demands from her father and others hers, recordings of the murder remain on YouTube, as do countless other realistic recordings showing people biting the dust or advancing different extraordinary lies.

Alison Parker has never seen the recordings of his little girl’s death, including the GoPro movie recorded and posted by the shooter. In any event, he and others have informed YouTube and Google, the owner of YouTube, that realistic recordings still exist in the prevailing general video setting. “We’re saluting things,” Parker said. “Nothing comes down. This is insane. I can’t stand them profiting from my girl’s murder, and that’s really what they do.”

There is no particular law that prevents YouTube from providing disturbing recordings. So Parker documented a protest Thursday with the Federal Trade Commission, claiming YouTube is ignoring its own terms of administration by providing content that it claims is excluded and encouraging the FTC to “end the conspicuous and unrepentant double dealing of buyers. of the organization “.

The objection, drawn up by the Georgetown University Law Center Civil Rights Clinic, reads: “The recordings of Alison’s murder are just an insignificant detail. There are countless different recordings on YouTube showing snapshots of the deaths of the women. people, tricks that progress and incite to harass groups of homicide victims or, in any case, without taking into account the YouTube Terms of Service. “

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