Top Gambling Licenses at The Best Bitcoin Casino Sites

Best Bitcoin Casino Sites
Best Bitcoin Casino Sites

Alongside the promise of bonuses, the best thing an online Bitcoin casino can offer is security and fair play. However, word of mouth and written promises cannot convince customers, and that’s where gambling licenses come in. All of the best Bitcoin casino sites worldwide are licensed by one or more gambling jurisdictions. For more details visit this link wegamble .

Gambling jurisdictions are recognized authorities that have the power to issue licenses to online casinos. These licenses are issued when that online casino meets specific requirements: fairness, security, confidentiality, reliability, and safety. As impartial authorities, they also step in when needed to solve disputes between punters and online casinos.

Although there are many gambling authorities out there, some gambling licenses are worth more than others. Some betting authorities boast high requirements, and casinos that acquire their licenses are sure to be the cream of the crop. Hence, below are some of the best gambling licenses to watch out for at Bitcoin casinos:

7 Top Gambling Licenses At The Best Bitcoin Casino Sites

1.              The United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC)

Founded in the UK in 2005, the UKGC is one of the premier gambling authorities for Bitcoin Casino sites. However, the early days of online betting weren’t rosy, as there was a time when all online betting activities were outlawed.

Nonetheless, the UK was one of the first countries to advocate regulating online betting activities instead of outlawing them. Shortly after that, the UKGC was established for regulating and licensing online punting activities in the UK.

Besides regulating and upholding online gambling activities in the UK, the UKGC is also respected worldwide. This commission is an independent regulatory body that aims to keep Bitcoin betting fair, crime-free, and free from all manipulations. The UKGC also aims to protect vulnerable adults and minors from gambling-related risks.

2.              The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA)

Based off the coast of North Africa, Malta is a member of the British Commonwealth and the European Union. This tiny island is the first European Union (EU) jurisdiction to regulate online betting in its region.

The MGA was their attempt at achieving this, and it came into being in 2001. However, the original name of this commission is the Lotteries and Gaming Commission (LGA). It was only in 2015 that the LGA got rebranded as the MGA.

Since Malta is part of the British Commonwealth, owning an MGA license means that it appears on the UKGC whitelist. While you can say that an MGA license primarily serves UK residents, many Bitcoin casinos also utilize it. This gambling license caters to online lotteries, online casino games, land-based casino games, pool betting, racecourse sweepstakes, non-profit games, etc.

3.              The Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC)

Like Malta and the MGA, other British islands regulate online betting, one of which is Alderney. The AGCC was established in 2000 to oversee all online punting activities on Alderney Island. The AGCC is one of the most strict betting authorities out there.

Besides upholding a Bitcoin casino to the highest international standards, owning this gambling license guarantees fair operations. This betting authority is one that actively supervises the activities of all Bitcoin casinos under them.

The AGCC also acts to secure the best interests of all customers playing at the online casinos with their licenses. Many punters report such Bitcoin casinos to the AGCC when they desire a fair resolution to a dispute.

4.              The Gibraltar Regulatory Authority (GRA)

The Gibraltar Regulatory Authority is another example of a British island trying to regulate online betting in its jurisdiction. The GRA came into being under the Gibraltar Regulatory Act 2000.

Although the GRA is Gibraltar’s primary regulating body, many Bitcoin casinos have also acquired their license. Obtaining a GRA is far from easy, as the requirement for their gambling license is a spotless track record. A realistic business plan and a high financial capability also make up some of their requirements.

The GRA’s gambling license includes a machine license, a remote betting license, a lottery promoter’s license, a betting intermediary’s license, etc.

5.              The Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission

The Isle of Man is located off the coast of England, a self-governing British Crown dependency. Desiring to regulate online betting on the Island, the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission was established. Nevertheless, this betting authority is willing to offer an online gambling license to any Bitcoin casino that meets its standards.

Obtaining a gambling license from this commission involves a spotless track record without any criminal involvement. The betting software, business plan, and the intentions of that online casino are also analyzed for reliability. This gambling authority can randomly initiate an auditing process to ensure that the Bitcoin casino operates within its limits.

6.              The Kahnawake Gambling Commission (KGC)

The Kahnawake Gambling Commission is a punting jurisdiction located in Quebec, Canada. They’re established in the Mohawk Territory, an independent Canadian territory with independent laws.

This regional territory is one of the first to recognize online gambling. The Kahnawake Gambling Commission was set up to offer gambling licenses to deserving online casinos. Hefty application fees and a strict application process are utilized to ensure that only qualified Bitcoin casinos acquire their license.

The KGC works to ensure that all online gambling activities conducted in their territory occur with high principles of honesty. They also ensure that all gambling activities follow principles of fairness and integrity.

7.              Curacao e-Gaming Licensing Authority

Located in Venezuela, the Curacao e-Gaming Licensing Authority is one of the oldest betting authorities in the world. This gambling license is issued by the Government of Curacao, the main authority in that area.

Unlike other betting authorities that have been stated earlier, the Curacao gaming license application is just one license. However, this license covers whatever gambling activity you can think of, from sports betting to other games of chance.

Unlike other gambling licenses on this list, the Curacao e-Gaming license employs a hands-off approach for its licensee. As such, customers cannot seek them for disputes, nor do they actively regulate the activities of the Bitcoin casinos under them. As a rule of thumb, many punters prefer to avoid Bitcoin casinos with just this license.


Gambling authorities exist to ensure fair play, reliability, and security on the part of an online casino. You can check the ‘ABOUT’ page or the ‘TERMS AND CONDITIONS’ page of a Bitcoin casino to see their license.

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