All You Need to Know About Online Gambling in Estonia

The gambling business is very popular among the local population in the Baltic countries, which include the following countries: Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. The government of these countries works hard every day to rapidly improve the standard of living of their citizens. The Baltic states do not lag behind the rest of the European Union, but on the contrary, they are marked by great integration with the highly developed countries of the world. After the collapse of the USSR, they became liberal-democratic territorial formations and took the direction of improving their economy.

Globalization processes and the great dynamics of the growth of gambling popularity in the whole world could not escape them, in particular Estonia. Estonia is a country of technological and gaming progress in Eastern Europe. After all, it was one of the first to legalize the gambling business in this region. This happened in 2010 after the Estonian government recognized that the booming trend of online casinos would bring a lot of capital to the state coffers, thanks to taxes on this type of business. As a result, it plays a big role in boosting the country’s economy and enriching Estonians. The Baltic countries take an example from the countries where the gambling business reforms were successfully carried out. For example, New Zealand and Canada first legalized online casinos on their territory, and later their companies spread to other regions of the world.

In Estonia, there is a big future in the field of gambling and this is evident because even large companies such as Global Gaming 555 AB, and Betsson Group of Swedish origin have decided to expand here. Thanks to the integration processes, the rapid development of this area is taking place, which allows for the improvement the service and increases the earning potential. For a better understanding, the website will help you. There are many different gaming platforms with the following games: slots, roulette, poker, and others. Well-known companies such as NetEnt, iSoftBet, and EGT participated in the development of games.

As for the neighboring countries that are near Estonia, they are also gradually legalizing gambling, but since the Baltic States are one of the pioneers in this field in the east of Europe, they managed to form a large base of fans and supporters and began to occupy high places in the gambling rating. For example, a survey was conducted, which showed that about 80% of Estonians of legal age have taken part in gambling at least once during their lifetime.


According to Estonian law, you can participate, earn money and simply enjoy gambling online if you meet the following criteria:

  • You must be 21 years old to play online in the casino, but only 16 if you participate in the lottery;
  • Having a credit card, sometimes even crypto wallets;
  • Gambling sites must be officially regulated and reliable and safe in keeping funds in your future account;
  • Only participate in legalized gambling companies that have a local license. That is, you should make sure that the organizer of gambling games has the appropriate licenses for the right to carry out activities on the territory of Estonia.


Since Estonians are avid gamblers, basic guidelines have been created that in one way or another influence the selection of an online casino. This is what you should pay attention to first of all if you decide to make quick money or just have fun. So, ideally, a project in Estonia is selected according to the following criteria:

  • Fast transactions and payments to players;
  • Simplicity and convenience of the interface;
  • Prompt support from employees for your questions;
  • Payment through the main banks of Estonia: Swedbank, SEB, and Luminor;
  • Availability of free bonuses, cashback, and loyalty programs;
  • Quick account registration.


Estonia does not stand still in gambling and continues to develop every day. Constant globalization with world business only improves the overall situation. The choice of casino in which you want to play depends only on you and your wishes and preferences. Therefore, use the resource previously mentioned in this article to understand what exactly you want!

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