Craps: A Good Way to Have Fun: Advantages and Features of this Game


Dice is one of civilization’s oldest games of chance. Today, it is available in both regular casinos and online casinos. The modern casino version of the dice game is known as craps. The point of the game is simple: you need to predict the result of throwing several dice and make a successful prediction. However, this craps game still has important features, knowledge of which will be useful for you.

Rules and Types of Bets in Craps Game

Craps attracts customers with its exciting gameplay, in which visitors can not only place bets but also roll dice. This means that they can try to influence the outcome of the round.

Several players play dice. The playing field is a table on which places for bets are marked. After the dice are thrown, a certain amount of time is allocated for betting. This time is determined by the player who sits down first at the table. You can determine how much time is left before the throw by the indicator displayed in the window’s corner. To place your bet, click on a chip and place it in the selected field.

The bet can be canceled by right-clicking on the chip. Once all bets have been placed, the dice are thrown. The player with the turn to throw can throw the dice himself or transfer this right to another player. In most casinos, the player can roll the dice at different speeds by choosing one of the offered modes. After the dice land, their combination is determined, and winnings are paid out.

To successfully play dice for money, you need to know what bets a player can make and which ones are more profitable for him. The simplest bet is a pass-line bet, that is, a bet to win. The opposite of a win bet is a “Don’t Pass Bar”, also known as a “don’t pass” bet. It is set in the appropriate field.

Contrary to popular belief, the player can, to a certain extent, influence its profitability, if not the course of the game. According to experts, the Don’t Pass bet gives the smallest advantage to the casino – the casino advantage is only about 1.36%. This bet is considered by many to be the best bet when playing craps. By placing this bet, the player is betting against the shooter and most other players, making it somewhat difficult in a regular casino. However, given the anonymity of an online casino, a player can use it without fear of causing disapproval from other players.

Basic Craps Strategy

The strategy for playing dice for money largely depends on what the player expects from the game. If his goal is to get as much pleasure from the game as possible, it makes sense to make small multiple bets, for example, Pass Line or Don’t Pass bets. Since the house edge in these bets is minimal, the game will last a long time. If the goal is a significant win, it is best to place bets with a large risk and a large win, for example, doubles, “any seven” bets, or additional odds bets.

  • Consider the game’s duration: the final profit/loss in each gambling game always depends, among other factors, on how much time you spend in the game. Therefore, if you plan to play craps for a long time, carefully calculate the size of each bet to limit losses.
  • Stick to one style of play: choose a betting strategy and consistently stick to it – either you will play aggressively, with increasing bets, or measurably, with minimal bets. By changing your playing style along the way, you risk losing more.

One of the main rules that craps professionals advise adhering to is to raise the bet only after a win has occurred. A losing player may be advised to lower his bets. Unlike many other games, this strategy, when playing dice, will be optimal. By betting big after losing, the player risks losing money before he starts winning.

The chosen strategy for playing dice for real money can differ from careful play according to the rules or aggressive play against the rules. However, any strategy will only work if you stick with it long enough.

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